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Redefining the standard in event ticketing, we provide unparalleled solutions to make every event a memorable success

Music events

Experience the rhythm of innovation with our Music Events. Our blockchain technology ensures secure and hassle-free ticketing for concerts and festivals alike.

Sports events

Feel the adrenaline rush with our Sport Events. Enjoy secure ticket purchasing through blockchain, focusing more on the game and less on the queue.

Any Event

Whatever your event, FuturaTickets has you covered. Our blockchain solution adapts to any event type, ensuring secure and smooth ticket management.


Founder & ceo

Alejandro García

Alejandro brings a wealth of experience in blockchain technology and digital asset management. His leadership in developing innovative blockchain solutions has positioned him as a key figure in the industry.


Brais Romero

Brais Romero is a blockchain and analytics expert with over ten years of experience, notably influencing strategic innovation and process optimization in tech roles at Criptan, Bitnovo, and Amadeus.


Fernando Rabasco

Fernando is a cybersecurity and software engineering, focusing on blockchain and Web3 technologies. He’s developed several innovative solutions related to blockchain security.


Javier Goikoetxea

Javier Goikoetxea, with a 20-year track record, excels in smart mobility and technology integration, skillfully leading in connected car technologies and innovative electric vehicle solutions.

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